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Santa says, “Ho Ho Ho”

April 3, 2012 by admin

Elizabeth definlty was not afraid to sit on Santa’s lap this year. She actually wanted to do it over and over again. We love the Christmas season and have had such a good time spending it with family.
We stayed true to our traditions such as sitting on Santa’s lap at the Country Club Christmas party. Elizabeth waited patently behind other children and she was lucky enough to get a teddy bear from Santa. I’m not sure that she fully understands that Santa Claus brings her presents and leaves them at her house while she is sleeping but when you ask her what Santa says she yells, “Ho Ho Ho”!
We also kept with our traditions and looked at the lights on the famous “Christmas Street” before heading to the Joseph Smith Memorial building that overlooks the Salt Lake temple for dinner.
Santa came and brought lots and lots and too many gifts! It was almost overwhelming to her but after a few minutes all she wanted to do was to open everyone’s presents from under the tree. She was definetly spoiled from Santa, grandparents, cousins, and her uncles this year. The hot item this year was a baby that she can tote around in it’s own car seat and a bottle that fits into the babies mouth. We can’t leave the house without the baby being strapped in her car seat and a bottle to feed her.

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