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Elizabeth is 3

February 4, 2013 by admin

My sweet little Elizabeth is 3.  It has been the most rewarding 3 years of my life.  It is such a sweet experience being a dad to the sweetest, most beautiful, smartest, craziest little girl there is.  She is a ball of fun.  She keeps me tender and reminds me what is most important in life: my family.

I cannot believe she is already 3, and at the same time I can’t believe she is only 3.  She is the best little girl ever.  She is an awesome big sister too.  Every day when she hears James wake up, she goes in his room, and climbs in his crib (after throwing some toys in), and she plays with him.  He loves it.  Sometimes she will play pirates with her pirate ship, sometimes she will be the bus driver and his crib is the bus, sometimes she will attempt to read him a book (she memorizes the books she reads him and does a really good job), and sometimes she smothers him with hugs and kisses and cleans his ears.  But he loves her so much.  He lights up any time he sees or hears her.  She is the best big sister.

Elizabeth is my little sidekick and play pal.  She loves to play.  When we play hide and seek I’ll find a good spot, and she takes a while to find me.  But the next round when I count, she’ll either hide in that exact same spot, or when I get in the same room as her she says “yoo hoo!”  We go out in the snow and run, and she throws snow on me and laughs and laughs.  We play tag, and when it’s my turn to get her, she stops so I can tag her.  She loves to be it and chase me.  She comes and climbs on my lap in my office and tries to work like me.  Sometimes she even comes and sits on my desk, right in front of me, puts her arms out and says “No more working Daddy!”  I have to throw in the towel when that happens.  She makes up funny stories about her and James, how she doesn’t like bad guys, how she wants to go to Disneyland SO bad, and who knows what else.

Her vocabulary is incredible.  She learns very fast and has been talking in complete sentences for the longest time.  She loves books so much.  Every night we try and read to her, and she wants to read every book she has.  And as we read, she tries to tell the story before we can, and she has it down really well.

When driving, anytime we see a stop light she tells us what all of the different colors mean, and she is completely right.  Then she goes on to tell us that if we don’t do what the lights tell us, the police will come and get us.  And that we can only go fast on the freeway.  It is such a joy to have her tell me that.

Some days I an working and try and brush her off, and she tells me I hurt her feelings, and usually gets teary eyed or even cries.  It breaks my heart, and I’m remind how tender and sweet she is, and how important she is.

I could not imagine life without my sweet little Elizabeth.  Her, James, and Jordan are the lights of my life, and life is not complete without all of them in it.  I am happy and lucky to be the dad of Elizabeth.

Birthday update:

For Elizabeth’s birthday, we woke up and she got the breakfast of her choice…IN BED!  She was in heaven.  She chose a Minnie Mouse pancake and chocolate milk, a wise choice.  For Minnie’s bow, I cut up some strawberries and placed them as a bow.

We went up to SLC to go to Mimi’s house.  Mimi then took Elizabeth to Build a Bear, and she got to pick out everything and anything she wanted.  She got a pink bear with princess everything, a microphone so she could sing, a crown, high heel princess shoes, and an ice cream scented thing that goes inside.  She was in heaven and named her bear Ariel.

After playing at Mimi’s for a bit, we headed home, and made a surprise stop by Chuck E Cheese.  Elizabeth was asleep by that time, and it’s pretty dangerous to wake her up when she’s just fallen asleep.  She will semi wake up and cry and it’s hard to get her to wake up all the way and calm down.  So we rolled her window down so she could see the Chuck E Cheese sign, and woke her up and pointed to it.  She got so so so happy.  We went and ate and played, and she had the time of her life.  She is all about friends, and since we didn’t go with any she made her own.  She was dancing to the band with another little boy and had the time of her life.  And she got to eat all the tomatoes, carrots, and broccoli she wanted.

We went home, and there was a package waiting for us.  It was the new double stroller.  We put it together and put James and Elizabeth in, and she was so happy that she could share a stroller with him.  We pushed them around the house for a bit, and they were both really happy to be together.  Then it was bed time, and she got her princess night gown on.  She went to the playroom and fell asleep while watching Scooby Doo.  Can’t ask for a sweeter little girl.

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