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  1. The Easter Bunny says, “Hop Hop Hop”

    July 15, 2012 by admin

    This was Elizabeth’s first real Easter where she was able to understand that the Easter Bunny hid eggs all over her backyard and filled them with candy. She was in absolute heaven. She loved running from egg to egg collecting and of course eating along the way. She wasn’t shy about sitting on the Easter Bunny’s lap either. She was very excited with all of the candy and toys she received from her grandparents as well. She is definitely a spoiled and loved little girl.

  2. Santa says, “Ho Ho Ho”

    April 3, 2012 by admin

    Elizabeth definlty was not afraid to sit on Santa’s lap this year. She actually wanted to do it over and over again. We love the Christmas season and have had such a good time spending it with family.
    We stayed true to our traditions such as sitting on Santa’s lap at the Country Club Christmas party. Elizabeth waited patently behind other children and she was lucky enough to get a teddy bear from Santa. I’m not sure that she fully understands that Santa Claus brings her presents and leaves them at her house while she is sleeping but when you ask her what Santa says she yells, “Ho Ho Ho”!
    We also kept with our traditions and looked at the lights on the famous “Christmas Street” before heading to the Joseph Smith Memorial building that overlooks the Salt Lake temple for dinner.
    Santa came and brought lots and lots and too many gifts! It was almost overwhelming to her but after a few minutes all she wanted to do was to open everyone’s presents from under the tree. She was definetly spoiled from Santa, grandparents, cousins, and her uncles this year. The hot item this year was a baby that she can tote around in it’s own car seat and a bottle that fits into the babies mouth. We can’t leave the house without the baby being strapped in her car seat and a bottle to feed her.

  3. It’s a…………………..

    April 3, 2012 by admin

    The time has finally come for us to take a sneak peak at our newest sweet baby. And man this baby is WILD! It took over an hour for the tech to get a good look at both hands and feet because they were all over the place. I hope this isn’t a sign of things to come. We were able to get a good look at the legs and are 100% sure that it is a little baby……BOY! We couldn’t be happier! Our sweet baby James is expected to arrive on July 2nd but we will be thrilled if he decides to surprise us before then.
    One of the really great things about having a baby is the face that Elizabeth is very very sweet and loves babies. I know she will be such a good little helper (maybe even a little too much) but she can’t wait.

  4. A Minnie Mouse Halloween

    April 3, 2012 by admin

    Right now the obsession is on Minnie Mouse so for Halloween, Elizabeth dressed up as none other then Minnie herself. She love the idea of getting candy and enjoyed most of it as she walked. Lucky for us, our neighborhood does their trunk-or-treat right in our cult-da-sac so we didn’t have to go very far. She ended up eating way too much candy by night time and threw up on her dad.
    She did not enjoy carving pumpkins however, she didn’t like the feeling of the seeds and how slimy the insides were. She’s like her mom and wanted someone else to clean out the pumpkin!

  5. It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

    January 20, 2011 by admin

    Elizabeth was not timid to sit on Santa’s lap.  I’m not sure what she thought about him but she just looked at him.  Santa gave her a teddy bear that she hugged and kissed.  She’s not afraid of Santa and no tears where shed.  Elizabeth wore a beautiful Christmas dress and had a great time eating and playing at the Country Club’s Christmas party in Salt Lake.

    Adam had weeks off during the entire holiday season so it was really great to sit back and relax with family.  We went to a lot of movies, Christmas shopped, ate way too much, took naps, played games and read.  It was the perfect Christmas.  We had such a great time with Elizabeth on her very first Christmas.  I think that she was a little overloaded with all the fun and interesting things everywhere but she made sure to check everything out.  She cries every time we put her on the bike that we gave her but she will push it around.  Maybe when she gets a little older she will like it but for now, it only brings tears.  Her favorite gift is from Mimi and Grandpa.  They gave her a small, soft, fluffy chair that she can get up and down all by herself.  Every morning she eats cheerios and watched cartoons in her chair.  Santa definitely went a little over board this year, there is not enough time in the day for her to play with all her new toys.

  6. San Francisco Zoo, Exploratorium, & Aquarium of the Bay

    October 17, 2010 by admin

    Elizabeth’s very first flight was to San Francisco.  She had a week full of fun!  Besides thoroughly enjoying all the great food, she loved all of the fun things that she was able to do there.  Our first stop was the San Francisco Zoo. They have an awesome children’s petting zoo where the animals roam freely and you are able to comb, pet, and feed these animals.  Elizabeth’s favorite animals at the zoo were the goats and the chinchillas.  She also LOVED her pink gorilla fruit slushie.  Elizabeth also had never been on a swing before.  Here is a video of her first time:

    We spent another day at the Exploratorium.  There were so many things for her to touch and climb on, she had fun exploring.  She liked climbing on different sizes of chairs.  She also loved to sit and watch all of the flashing lights and moving objects.

    Elizabeth had the most fun at the Aquarium.  She was in awe in the tunnel where fish swam all around her.  She would put her face and hands on the glass trying to get in to swim with the all the fish.  She also splashed with stingrays and touched star fish.

  7. The State Fair

    September 14, 2010 by admin

    It’s that time of year again, when the state fair is in town.  The state fair really is a very interesting place.  Lots of people, deep-fried food, music, rides, prizes, and animals.  This was Elizabeth’s very first time seeing goats, cows, sheep, and pigs.  She could not take her eyes off them.  She wanted to get in their pin with them and tried to pet all of them.  We’ll have to get a zoo pass for her next year, she LOVES animals.  Anytime a animal gets remotely close to her she opens her mouth and tries to give it kisses.  Adam enjoyed deep-fried oreos and deep-fried peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  Elizabeth was in heaven eating french fries.  Overall, we had a great time!

  8. BYU Spirit

    September 11, 2010 by admin

    There is not a lack of football watching or a lack of BYU pride in the Haining household.  Adam doesn’t miss a game (we have to order all the sports channels).  He LOVES the cougars and watching them play.  Elizabeth loves her daddy so she watches games with him.  Mimi gave Elizabeth her first BYU shirt so she could match her dad.

  9. Labor Day

    September 11, 2010 by admin

    For this labor day, we spent the weekend in Salt Lake.  We had a fun filled day with lots of sun.  Adam played golf in the morning while Elizabeth took her nap.  In the afternoon we spent the day at the Salt Lake Country Club swimming and eating at the BBQ.  Elizabeth spent an entire two and a half hours in the pool until her mom made her get out to get warm and eat.  She is definitely our little fish. We had a very relaxing and restful holiday.

  10. Seven Peaks Water Park

    September 11, 2010 by admin

    I have never met anyone that LOVES water more than Elizabeth.  She does everything she can to drink the water as well (especially her bubbles in her bath).  Before it started to cool down, we decided to take a day and spend it playing at Seven Peaks Water Park.  We all had a blast.  We had a hard time trying to get her out of the lazy river! Her dad also took her down a few children’s slides and let her float around the kids play area.  We’ll definitely need to get her in swim lessons as soon as possible because if there’s water around, she has to be in it. Elizabeth is six months old.